Monday, 12 October 2015


In the year 2000 I used to know one young guy of may be over 18 years but look just 13 year A nice young guy who goes his own way.
One day I woke up early on a cold wet, raining morning around 5a.m suddenly, it was a Saturday morning and I don’t normally wake up until about 7-8am on weekends only to discover that it was the mother of the boy’s shout that I heard.
What happened? The boy that early wet cold morning was found to have died in his sleep
That was the day I heard that the young man was a sickle cellar (what people in medical line call sickle cell anemia).
Today when I was thinking of the ember month that we entered into on September and today is the second of October 2015, I realized that the end of the year 2015 is almost on us and the Christmas season is here again.
A lot of people may want to move out of their location to go on vacation during this season and they may need to choose their location carefully especially if they have a health issue.
The Heath Issue I will consider vis-à-vis choice of location in this write up is those that have this kind of health challenge
A sickle cell anemia is a kind of blood disease that affects that affect children born by parents who are AS OR SS BLOOD Group. I am not a medical person so that is the only way I understand to explain it. I do not have it but I have had friends who had it, I have had friends whose children or one of their children have.
The guy I mentioned earlier who died during the raining season of 2000 was a neighbor’s son, and it was his mother that told me that he was a sickle cellar and that it must have been the cold season that caused his death because he always have more crisis during the cold season and I have seen a lot of those that have this disease take extra care always be in very warm place during wet season.
1.      The weather of the area where they want to go on vacation:- This is necessary so that the person can go with the appropriate dressing that will always keep him warm for that season
2.      The choice of food:- From what I learnt from those who are parents that are taking care of the children that have this kind of health challenge they must be careful what they eat.
Their food must be more of protein and vegetables and fruits therefore, wherever a person that have such health challenge is going to for holiday they must be able to get healthy balance diet to eat.
3.      The Medication:- They must take their medication along in case of suddenly health crisis and they must check before living to their holiday or vacation location that they find their prescribed drug there if there is ever a need for them to want to buy.
4.      It is important for them to have access to fund in case they will need more money than they physically carry with them when they were living for their vacation.
5.      Do not go on vacation or on holiday all alone:- Finally, it is not advisable for such person to go on holiday or on vacation all alone. Such a person with such health challenge should always have someone trusted to be with him or her to keep him or her company so that someone that understand the person’s health history can be there to explain for those that might want to help in case of health crisis.

Friday, 3 July 2015


Summer is the period of the when most people goes on holiday or vacation.
Some government workers who have the means of traveling and who enjoys traveling mostly arrange for their leave to start around June and July.
In my country, school children start their midyear break in July and resume back to school in September which makes it possible for the parents to plan their Holiday around this season and so parents can easily arrange for where their children will stay when they are away if they have no plan to take the children along with them.
It is a good time for husband and wife to go to a quiet, peaceful beautiful place to explore and bring back to life that fire of love and affection that brought them together when they first meet which care of children, and work has pushed to a hidden place or out of the relationship.
In short it can be a period for all the family to come together or for couples to take each other to one beautiful secluded area of their choice anywhere in the world be it in Asia, America, Europe,Africa anywhere to go and be all alone together and bring back that fire that has been deemed by care of life.

Saturday, 27 December 2014


Those who lives in the part of the world where the individual citizens” standard of living are high might not be bothered much about financing their holiday/vacation by themselves but for those who lives in the part of the globe where the standard of living is low, where people lives on less than a dollar a day this write-up may be of help if you have never taught about going on vacation because you can hardly contemplate how the money will come.
Some may read this and think that it is an exaggeration, but statistics showed that… lives on less than a dollar a day.
In such area where people are in abject poverty, they can hardly stay away from working whether they are in paid employment or they are self- employed and so staying away from work for the purpose of going on holiday or vacation hardly cross their mind.
In June 2013, there was a need for me to go and see my father who lives in Ogun State Nigeria; there I met one aunt of mine whom I have not been able to have contact with for years because I lost her mobile phone Number.
In the cause of our discussion, she told me that she traveled to London and that she came back to Nigeria in February 2013.
This aunt of mine was civil servant who retired from the civil service in year 2012 and I knew that she on her own without an external financial help could not have been able to make that trip.
I asked her whether she used the money she collected from her gratuity for the travel expenses, and she said “no” and while I was still wondering in my mind how she did this, she told me that one of her aunt who trained her when she was young has a daughter who is married and resides in London.
She said that when that young lady was a child she was living with them in Nigeria and for years she had not seen her until the lady got her contact from somewhere and contacted her.
She asked about her job and she told her that she retired from the civil service in October 2011.
The young Lady then told her that she want her to come and visit her and her family in London all paid trip with monetary allowance. It did not end there when she was coming back her host gave her some cash in Pound Stalling for serving as Nanny to their baby while she was on vacation with them.
The reason why I narrated this story was that anyone that is financially challenged can get, even though it may not be totally the same kind of opportunity but something similar when we can extend the hand of love to those our Rich lonely relatives who prefer those whom they knew or a relative to keep them company for some time.
There are a lot of Relatives in our villages who are lonely out there, sometimes they  even give us the hint that they are lonely by promising that we should come and visit that they will give us back our transport fare if that is the reason we are staying back.
But most time, the high standard of living in the town does not allow this; people keep on working until some breakdown under stress.
I discover that even those who are civil servant and have time that they go on leave every year uses those time of live doing one kind of job or the other all in the name of meeting their financial responsibility only serious sickness can pull some people away from their gruesome day to day toil in search of money.
How To Identify An Opportunity For Expense Free Holiday Or Vacation.
What I am about to discuss here will work anywhere in the world, all over the world we have lonely people who are dying to have people that have been in their past such as brother, sister, grandchildren even their children or other distant relatives to keep them come and keep them company.
While those who cannot foot the bill of having a vacation or Holiday to a financial breakthrough that will make it possible for them to take a trip to other part of their country or other part of the world to stay for some time with their loved one in those other part of their country or the world, there are also a lot of rich people be they young, middle age or old who wishes daily that they can have a close relative whom they have lost touch with a long time ago to come and spend some time with them.
Such rich people are not bothered about the expenses of having such relatives come over to make their home and life lively again all they are concern about was that their invitation may be shorn by such relatives for one reason or the other and so many never convey such desire in word to such relatives of theirs.
How to put forward this desire without sounding offensive to the ear of such relative is what I am talking about here.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


The Christmas is a highly revered period of festivity when gifts are shared among family and friends, a time of general good will among people when people come together to celebrate an end of another year. The joy of seeing another Christmas on earth is unquantifiable.
1.TRADITIONAL TREND: A lot of people , stay at home to celebration Christmas instead of traveling out of their home base because traveling during this period is costly when one add it to what it costs to have a fun filled and enjoyable Christmas on its own.
Another reason why most people choose to celebrate Christmas at home is that the Christmas holiday lasts for only few days for those who are in paid employment Christmas season may not be a time that they can travel out of their home base, and for those who are traders the Christmas festive period is the season when they make a lot of sales and so the little days they have off their trades and work may only allow them a traditional Christmas at home.
For the professionals and the super rich who have control of their own time, this set of people have a choice of spending their Christmas at home with their family or using the opportunity to give themselves and their loved ones befitting vacation of their choice depending on their financial capability.
For those who are in paid employment who are looking forward to a Christmas outside the traditional home setting either alone or with their family I suggest they start putting aside money for  a vacation in other part of their country or even outside their own country months before the Christmas season.
They can plan their annual leave to coincide with the Christmas holiday season. Despite the fact that the Christmas is a time of sales, people makes their Christmas purchases a month or days before Christmas. So whether we are talking about the traditional home base Christmas celebration or away from home Christmas anyone can enjoy the Christmas Holiday irrespective of what they do for a living;
They should have the idea of what it will cost them to travel during Christmas season and have idea of the cost of living in the country that they are going to avoid being financially stranded.